Colorful and Fun

by Renee
(Bellevue, WA)

Product: Kumon Workbooks
Subject: Preschool skills
Levels Used: For Ages 2 through 4
Dates Used: 2006-current (2008)

* Kumon presents material in an easier-to-harder fashion, building on skills in a way that sets your child up for success. For example, the Cutting book starts with very simple lines cut all the way across. Later it adds curves, angles, stopping partway through cutting a line, etc. The Coloring book starts with almost-completely colored pictures where the child just colors in a small shape in the middle, then progresses to more difficult coloring.

* The books are colorful and use images that young children like -- a lot of cute looking animals, for example.

* We've done: Cutting, Mazes, Cut & Paste, Folding, Coloring, Numbers and Lowercase Alphabet books. The Cutting and Mazes books were favorites; Numbers and Alphabet not so much. My daughter's cutting skills are excellent after working through the Cutting book, so I highly recommend that one. And she loves the challenge of a Maze now.

* They can be expensive. I'd recommend using other things for Numbers, Coloring and Alphabet since there are so many cheap resources available out there for those.

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