Connections Academy Indiana

So far in the 9th grade we have not been happy with Connections Academy. Honestly, my son is not very self-motivated to give his best, but he is committed to doing what he is told to do.

The quizzes in classes are 3 questions, which he usually gets one wrong. The questions are often not clear and can have multiple answers. You get one wrong and you have a bad grade. The technology is not working on all platforms so expect to spend some time on the phone with tech support. They are very helpful, but time consuming.

Much of the curriculum is flawed. Much of the questions don't have supporting text, you end up not knowing how to answer the questions or the instructions are unclear and don't make sense. I'm not really sure what he is learning. It seems he is just jumping though hoops to get the standard Indiana curriculum done. Don't think he is really learning much.

Yes, it's free, but at what cost. The teachers do their best to respond, when they finally get trained, but are often referring to tech support who often refers to teachers.... I'm not sure what our next move will be.

You have to log 30 hours per week. You can count exercise time and time at hobbies, anything learning. My smart child who got A's and B's in public school is getting C's, D's and F's in this school...

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