Connections Academy is a great alternative!

by Emily
(Nanticoke, PA)

I have used Connections Academy for my DD (now 7), since K. We are now half way through 2nd grade, and I am very satisfied with it. I chose CA due to my ex wanting DD to go to a public school and me wanting to home school. CA is the perfect mix of the two, and I will highly recommend it for any parent who is bound by court orders and bull-headed exes.

The curriculum is a little easy so I supplement with other activities. But my daughter, at the age of 6, was playing chess and learning Spanish, this year we are learning french and music. The school sends us all the books and equipment needed, and our teacher is wonderful. We are in contact almost every day either by email or call.

We are required by state to have 5 hours of 'educational instruction' and the school is very flexible with what this includes. We have counted rollerskating, farmer's market trips, grocery shopping, cooking, and many other things as school.

I will say that we do not have as much freedom as traditional homeschooling. I can't switch programs if I don't like it, we can't jump ahead to what she already knows and go from there. However, I also have the freedom that comes with not going to a bricks & mortar school. We can breeze through ten lessons in an hour if she understands it already, no sitting through the whole class.

The teachers are very good at finding something that does not click with us. We didn't like their typing program, so we asked for a substitute. We got one and this one clicked! The teachers are good at letting us know what is needed for finishing out the year. They are also good at accommodating different religions and beliefs, as the lessons are taught by the parents or learning coach.

CA also offers many opportunities for field trips and clubs for the students. Socialization is not a problem.

All in all, I'm glad I found CA and will recommend it to anyone!

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