Connections Academy is
Marketing at its Best

by Kerry
(San Diego)

I was so hopeful when I found Connections Academy and what they had to offer. I pulled my daughter out of a top-ranked public school that she loved. We made the family decision because the curriculum provided no challenge whatsoever for her, her lowest score on anything was a 99%. So when we read that she would be placed at her highest level and be able to work at her own pace, well we thought we could do better. If we can, it is NOT with Connections.

First of all they messed up her enrollment at the 11th hour, so that after 6 weeks of careful planning my daughter was without a school for 2 days. Their refusal to see my side of the story should have been a great tip-off on how my overall experience would be. The first week (or should I say half week) was disastrous. It was apparently their field trip week and NOBODY is available. There is absolutely no back-up whatsoever. I even left desperate messages for the Principal himself and never got a return call, nor any acknowledgement at all that I had left several messages. It was ridiculous.

Now if you are jumping to this program because your student is advanced, DON'T EVEN consider it. My child tested very high on a placement exam for 3rd grade, which meant that she SHOULD have been skipped, however this was not done. She is still doing 2nd grade work and her "teacher" just says well sorry that's the curriculum. WHY if we are in an online environment, would I be restricted on access to work that she has demonstrated she is capable of? Not a single soul at Connections has been able to answer that. It's awful. Yes she can work at her own pace if she works ahead, but if your child falls behind you are put into "Alarm" status. So for the conscientious student, it looks awful. I regret ever seeing this program and can't wait to find an alternative.

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