Connections Academy is the
best in education!

by Melissa

Product: Connections Academy
Subject: High School Courses
Levels Used: 10th and 12th
Dates Used: 2010/2011

Likes: Connections Academy in our state is the best! We have teachers who actually know their stuff. They never take more than a few hours to get back to us unless they tell us they are not going to be in for some reason and even then, they still show up sometimes during those.

The classes are set exactly for what the kids need for graduation and then they are allowed to discuss with the parents what they want for additional classes. The parents are then able to ok the classes and can decline if they feel they need to.

Every announcement that is sent to the kids, goes directly to the parent/caregiver at the same time. The course work is not like the boring, usual work. There are teachers who have awesome ideas for projects and are willing to let you substitute topics if it is needed due to parent preference or student ability.

Attendance is 6 hours a day but that includes anything associated with school. (reading the books, doing the online work, taking pics for photography, etc.) The online weekly live lessons with other students and the teachers also count. They are great in addition because they help if the student needs more help and allow the students to participate.

I only wish I had found this before this year as my daughter is now graduating from this fine school. Below is what we did for school before CA.

We were (years ago) in public schools and were not keeping them there. They were not being kept up with as all 3 were ahead of the curriculum. We homeschooled for one year and heard of another program similar to this school. We joined it and although there were issues, we liked it better than the public schools.

In our state, kids only have to get a 15% score on standard tests total to be on level with average in the public schools and that was not enough for me. They will not hold kids back and do not keep up with the advanced. Anyway, that school started to fall apart. Teachers forgot to record grades so classes had to be retaken, the teachers did not know the subjects and would not help the kids and classes were put on their schedules and they were told not to do the class, that they were changing them around and then they were given Fs for those classes. This is why we love Connections Academy so much!

Dislikes: Have not currently found any of these. We love the program and will continue with it until they all graduate and then will recommend it forever.

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