Connections Academy

by Sherry

Our experience with Connections Academy was very positive. The curriculum is beyond that of traditional schools. The teachers are always available to help. Live lessons are held each week, usually two times per week, more if needed. There are many educational films ranging from history to science for the children to watch to learn even more. The books are sent to you, your supplies, the worksheets, the teachlet books to help you explain to the children, the answer keys to help you check their work to make sure they are getting it, cds, science kits, art kits, etc.

The children can work as far ahead as they like or take some extra time. There is so much to do, they never run out of curriculum. You are not overwhelmed if you keep up with their studies each day. They test the children at the beginning of each school year to see what they need to work on and again at the end of the year to make sure they mastered it. They are also required to take the state testing as well. I will never go back to traditional school as I have seen my children flourish and learn so much more at Connections.

My favorite sight, the enthusiasm, the confidence and the fact I can see them learn each day. I highly recommend Connections Academy to anyone interested in seeing their child flourish.

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