Excellent Writing Program

by Laurie

Product: The Institute for Excellence in Writing
Subject: Writing
Levels Used: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (parent book) and Student Writing Intensive(SWI) Level B

Dates Used: 2003-2005, 2008

Likes: This program provides a framework for teaching writing, as well as stylistic components to improve writing. The "Structure and Style" DVD series and accompanying workbook is intended to teach parents how to teach their child(ren).

This is an especially good program for reluctant writers, although any student will benefit, as well as for parents who are unsure how to grade written work. This step by step approach takes the guesswork out of writing. By modeling a skill, then allowing individual practice, it gradually teaches the skills and strategies necessary to become a proficient writer.

Students are provided with a checklist of items which need to be included, which allows for objectivity in grading. As they progress through the program, the techniques they have mastered provide a framework for creative expression in writing. Although this program does not explicitly teach grammar, many grammatical concepts are presented within the context of writing.

This progam is geared for grades 3-12, but can be adapted for use with grades 1 and 2. The SWI's are helpful for the older grades, but not necessary. Students can watch the engaging lesson on DVD, then complete the assignments.

Limitations: People for whom writing comes easily may not understand the need for a step by step method of teaching children how to write. Spelling, handwriting and grammar are outside the scope of this program, and thus separate materials will be needed.

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