Fun and Easy to Use!

by Carletta
(McKinney, Texas)

Product: Maps, Charts, Graphs
Subject: Geography
Levels Used: A
Dates Used: 2007-2008

Likes: Maps, Charts and Graphs is a series of workbooks published by Modern Curriculum Press. So far, we have used Level A, The Places Around Me, which teaches children to read maps and charts using familiar settings such as the park and grocery store.

Subsequent levels are Neighborhoods, Communities, States and Regions, United States and its Neighbors, Eastern Hemisphere, The World, and United States Past and Present. We plan to use additional levels of this program.

The workbook we are currently using contains visually appealing illustrations and simple exercises that teach children to follow directions, locate items on a map, use a map key, measure distance, compare distances and use direction words. It also teaches children to read pictographs and bar graphs.

My son looks forward to these short, simple lessons, and will often complete more than 1 lesson in a sitting. Maps, Charts and Graphs teaches children an oft neglected, yet important skill. It is a great add on to any homeschool program.

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