GREAT for Visual Learners ;)

by Michelle
(Cary, NC)

Subject: ALL

Levels Used: 1st-8th grades (we played catch up for my then 5th grader going back to 4th grade for him to review, youngest started in 1st grade to presently 3rd grade)

Dates Used: 2007-present

Likes: Cartoon based lessons! I can't say enough about how engaging this program is to my boys. This program helped my oldest and I fill in the gaps from his public school years. We started over the summer of 2007 and went down to 4th grade (he just came out of 5th grade) went thru both grades by the end of summer! It wasn't hard for us to see where he was behind and get him caught up;) I would recommend this program to homeschooling families or parents who want to help their kids in public school. They also have a new program Time4Art that goes with the upper levels of the program which my oldest LOVED, even taught his artist dad some art history he didn't know!

Dislikes: it only goes to 8th grade ;(

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