Great supplement!

by Jacquie
(Wooster, OH)

Product: Time 4 Learning
Subject: ALL
Levels Used: 1st-2nd
Dates Used: April 2011-present

-easy and fun for kids to use
-covers a wide variety of subjects which makes it a nice review for my daughter and even covers things we may have missed
-you can customize the grade level
-printables to reinforce the lessons
-reports of progress/performance on each lesson

My only complaint is the price! I'd love to get my preker started but don't think I can afford $40 a month just for an online program!

My daughter is having a lot of fun with this site! I had to bump up the language arts to 2nd grade since we're just about done with 1st and it was too easy for her. I love that it reinforces what we've learned and covers things we may have missed. I like that it shows her performance on the lessons as well. Then I can go back and help her with ones she struggled with. The worksheets are great help for this as well. Like I said above, the only complaint i have is the price! It's $20 a month for 1 student! Sort of pricey for an online program IMO.

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