Handle on the Arts

by Renee
(Wichita, Kansas)

We used Handle on the Arts for hands-on activities for Sonlight Core 1.

Likes: It has everything you need to add some fun activities in your Sonlight Core 1 curriculum. It's easy to do. I like being able to add some fun crafts in our school day. The kids can't wait to finish their schoolwork when they know they have a craft. I wouldn't have the time to come up with my own activities.

1. The schedule tells you which week correlates with the Sonlight schedule right down to the which book and even the page number or chapter.

2. It lists all the supplies you need and easy to follow instructions for each activity. It tells you how much prep-work and how difficult each activity is.

3. Printable resources with some of the activities.

4. Some of the activities are: Making and Egyptian paddle doll, Masai beaded necklace,Cuneiform writing on a clay tablet, Hammurabi's law activity, a Trojan horse and many more. Over 60 activities. Some activities are with cooking!

Dislikes: It is an E-book. I would love to have an actual book in my hand.

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