Handwriting Without Tears Cursive

by Carla
(Noblesville, IN, USA)

Product: Handwriting Without Tears
Subject: Penmanship
Levels Used: Cursive (2nd grade)
Dates Used: 2009

Likes: Tears--yes we had tears! My daughter HATED writing in any form. We struggled through kindergarten and first grade. Her preference would be NO writing.

Then we discovered Handwriting Without Tears when she was looking for a cursive writing book. She thought cursive was her answer to writing since she saw people writing faster and easier in cursive. She found it was a lot of work, but with only a page or two a day, she didn't think it was too much.

The beginning cursive starts with the easiest letters and works up to the more difficult ones, using pictures as memory aids. We incorporated spelling into the review sections, which was useful. The style of cursive was similar to printing, so it is easier for the child to catch on to in the beginning.

Dislikes: The style of cursive looks rather strange and does not slant at all.

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