Highly recommend Sonlight if....

(Allen, TX)

Product: Sonlight
Subject: History (CORE)
Levels Used: 1, 2, 3/4, & 5
Dates Used: 2003-2008

Sonlight has collected some of the very best books that I have ever read. Their program works well for the auditory learner as well as the visual learner because many of the "read alouds" have great pictures. The history is very thorough yet warmly engaging. My kids are usually disappointed when we stop reading for the day.

The individual (student) readers have been so much fun for my kids that even my more reluctant readers have become voracious readers over time! Best of all, Sonlight takes the guesswork out of how much to accomplish each day with highly organized lesson plans.

(Possible drawbacks) For the Mom: Sonlight works best if you enjoy reading out loud (can do it well) and you love literature; if your kids are close in age and can "share" a level, it's much easier. Trying to do more than one level each year is very taxing and time-consuming for the mom. On very rare occasions, there has been a book we didn't care for.

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