History Odyssey

We are using History Odyssey Level 2 Ancients.

HO Level 2 uses the Kingfisher World History Encyclopedia and the Story of Mankind by Van Loon as its spines. There are a handful of other "living books" scheduled during the year as well.

History Odyssey serves as a guide, breaking up history into manageable lessons. By utilizing a notebook, timeline and the included historical maps as well as the writing assignments, outlining and research skills, your student looks at history more analytically. The level 2 and 3 guides are written to the student.

We have enjoyed keeping a timeline. I like the timeline analysis that is worked in as well. It gives a real grasp of what happened when. Story of Mankind is written in an engaging narrative style that we enjoy. The other books schedule are good solid books as well.

cons: There is an awful lot of writing at times (at least for a writing-reluctant child.) This can be overcome by using discussion instead of writing everything down. Also, there is no answer key so you have to judge if your child's answers and writing are accurate and thorough enough.

Overall, we like the program and recommend it.

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