is a compliment to any thing you do!

by Kelly
(Albuquerque, NM)

Product: Homeschool Share lapbooks and unit studies
Subject: history, science, gradeschool, preschool
Levels Used: Pre-K/K/1st/3rd grades
Dates Used: used for 1 1/2 years now

no dislikes!

I love for so many reasons! Right now I use it for my pre-K and K boys for learning the alphabet as well as books for their ages. I also use it with FIAR books too. I have used many of the lapbooks for topics that my kids are interested in (like dinosaurs, planets, rabbits and tigers just to name a few). We have also done them seasonally (snowflake Bentley, pumpkins, apples) as well as extras for my history program (Beautiful Feet).

Homeschool Share has really helped me pick and choose and round out our curriculum choices while giving me the ability to study not only the things I feel are important (3rs) but also their interests.

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