Hooked on Phonics

by Christine
(Military / Germany)

Product:Hooked on Phonics
Levels Used:pre-K-2nd grade
Dates Used:2002-2008

Likes: My children and I love Hooked on Phonics (HOP)! I bought the full package, levels 1-5. I used level 1 initially for my 3 children, now ages 5, 7, and 10 to learn to read, starting at age 4. I plan to also use it for my other 2.

I like the program because all my kids have different learning styles. They have tapes/CD for the auditory learners. Also, little readers and for upper levels, chapter books that are included for children who like to snuggle up and practice reading with you. Also, hands on learners would appreciate the spelling game, "Word Play." There are also sections that introduce new sight words with suggested activities.

HOP goes through all the word families for level 1 and you do not progress to the next page or step until your child has mastered the material for all levels. There is no rush; you just go at your child's pace. Because HOP is kid-friendly, my children, learned to read with ease, more than with any other reading program. For the older grades like 1st and 2nd, you can use the program as reinforcement and use it in addition to other phonics/writing programs. I use it now for my Kindergartener and 2nd grader in conjunction to "Explode the Code" and AOP Language Arts because HOP focuses more on the reading aspect. Besides the readers and tapes/CD, the package also comes with flashcards on each level and a chart with the books listed and stickers, for positive reinforcement.

HOP is a complete reading program that takes you step-by-step whether your child is beginning to read or just practicing phonics and learning new sight words to become a more fluent reader. One level takes you to the next.

I would recommend HOP for homeschoolers as a sole reading program or for children going to school as a supplement. I have used them for both purposes.

Dislikes: Although HOP does have suggestions on activities you can do with your child, the only thing I wish for is that it had more hands-on activities or games built in besides the "Word Play" and "Helper Word Ladder." HOP also may have upgraded and added more since 2002.

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