HSS-filling in the gaps

by Kelly


Subjects we have done so far: butterflies, dinosaurs, planets, addition lapbook

Levels Pre-K-2nd grade

Since Dec 2007

First let me say that my only complaint is that there isn't enough time to do all the fun subjects!

That being said I love this site. It is easy to navigate, use and there are always plenty of subjects to cover or books to go along with what you are covering. I already have a set curriculum for phonics (SWR), math (MUS), and history (Beautiful Feet) and I really needed something that would fill in gaps for geography, art/craft, and science. HSS fits this bill perfectly!

The people who contribute to the site are dedicated, detailed and provide as many and more knowledge on the subject being covered and that is a Godsend!

I have four children ages 7, 5, 3 and 19 months and when we were studying butterflies I able to include the youngest and oldest with engaging information for them to learn. In turn, they were able to "teach" their Daddy all that they had learned over the past weeks and he was impressed with their ability to comprehend and explain in detail many components of caterpillars and butterflies. I would say that maybe this could be a fluke with one favorite subject, but they continue to do this with each unit study and lapbook!

Thank you for providing such a service in excellence!

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