HWT: Handwriting Without Tears

by Kathy
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Product: Handwriting Without Tears
Subject: printing and cursive
Levels Used: K through 3rd grade
Dates Used: 2003 through 2008

Likes: I'd have to describe this handwriting as simple and easy to read. It is taught that letters are made up of long lines, short lines, small curves and large curves. The child can first work with pieces of these lines and curves to make a letter. Then they work with a small chalkboard with a smiley face in the top left corner. Most letters start at the smiley face.

After they have the letter down, they can start writing in the workbook. There are 2 printing workbooks and 2 cursive books. There is also special writing paper that you can purchase. This makes it easier for the child to learn to write on notebook paper.

Before the child starts on cursive, he/she has a simple test to make sure they're ready. Mainly this is writing on a line and curving up and over a circle. Many of the cursive letters are close to the printed letters.

You may also purchase writing strips, which show the letters in both upper and lower case. These strips can be put on a table or clipboard. These are handy references for the child. Since it's so simple, the children are eager to learn.

Dislikes: The second workbooks in both printing and cursive are quite a bit like the 1st books, but I feel they are necessary.

I would highly recommend this curriculum for every child.

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