I Can Do All Things - Excellent Art Program!

by Kelly

Product: I Can Do All Things - book and DVDs
Subject: Art
Levels Used: 2 - 7
Dates Used: 2008 - present

Likes: What a great program! The DVDs really simplify things, because my children can pop one in and then go through the appropriate lesson. The books are self explanatory, of course, but the DVD is very nicely done, and is really good for a student who is auditory and likes to hear the instructions spoken. It is also nice to have Mr. Stebbing demonstrate the techniques. The DVDs make it easier for my children to fit art in, as they can do the lessons on their own. I also appreciate how Mr. Stebbing instructs the parents at the beginning of the first DVD. He gives suggestions for scheduling, such as alternate between the different mediums: colored pencils; markers; painting.

My daughter (8) says "It's FUN!" She loves art, and is gifted in this area, and is doing very well with the program. My son (12) does not consider himself an artist, but he is also enjoying the program and doing well with it. The program is well laid out and not too overwhelming. It does a good job of laying out and building on art skills.

Dislikes: I can't really think of any at this time.

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