I can't imagine homeschooling without Sonlight!

by Valerie J.
(Colorado Springs)

I have used several grade levels of Sonlight, Level 2 and 3, Advanced Readers, Level 4, Level 6, and Level 200, Church History, and we have been absolutely delighted with all of them.

My husband still talks about the memorable stories he's read to our son at night before bed, a special time he jealously guarded. We have been unable to part with our books because of the wonderful memories they helped create.

We used Level 200 Church History when he was in 8th grade. He loved it! I nearly sent the books back when they arrived because they seemed closer to college level than 8th grade, and some of them were rather boring, but it was a wonderful year for our son, who needs advanced options. He thanked me several times for ordering that level for him. We don't recommend one of the readers in Level 200, The Flames of Rome, for boys his age.

We love the quality of the books, the way various subjects are addressed, the study guides for questions and testing that Sonlight provides, the format of the lesson plans, the fascinating approach to history that Sonlight uses, which has embedded details into our son's mind which I don't think I ever learned, or quickly forgot.

We have followed Sonlight's suggestions for other subjects, such as math, vocabulary and science, and have always been pleased. If your children love to read, which they will if you start them on Sonlight early, the books provide hours of rich, memorable educational experiences, and lots of opportunity for thought-provoking discussions.

Every year since Level 6, there has been at least one or two books that we might have preferred our son not read, for various reasons. In the case of The Flames of Rome, there was too much sexual content. Some books were quite sad, which in our case wasn't helpful, but it is realistic. However, when our son spent two full years in school, we disagreed with books used at times, and the classes spent weeks on them. At home, we could control how much time we spent and how we handled the material, or whether to read the books at all. Sonlight usually warns parents about the content of controversial books.

Truthfully, I can't imagine homeschooling without Sonlight. Our soon needs the social outlet of school, but every year Sonlight beckons us back with their fantastic collection of books and material in the next package we need.

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