I like the IDEA of Sonlight

by Kim Christenesn

Product: Sonlight
Subject: History, Literature
Levels Used: Year 1
Dates Used: 2006

Likes: I like the idea of Sonlight. I am a big literature and history based school fan. I do like their book choices. There weren't any that were dry in any way. My kids loved their book choices. Even in the years since I stopped using Sonlight I would buy some of their book choices I think they're so great.

Dislikes: I said I liked the IDEA of Sonlight. But the way they executed it drove me crazy. I love the idea of read alouds, fun reading books, etc. but the way they schedule the reading of those books drove me and the kids crazy. They schedule a couple of pages from 3 different books to be read on each day. So 2 pages from this read aloud, 3 pages from this history book, 3 pages from the kids reader. My kids were begging me to just READ through something instead of stopping to read just 2 pages of this, 2 of that.

Second is we have currently 5 children. Being that Sonlight isn't set up to use multiple children we would now be using 3 full different cores. Which is next to impossible for me! 9 books to be read each day? 3 different time periods? I just can't imagine. If I had one or two children maybe but it just wasn't for us.

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