I love ACE!

by Sarah

I love Accelerated Christian Education homeschool curriculum and it frustrates me to hear a lot of people say bad things about it when I wonder if they've even taken the time to check it out.

I think many just repeat what they've heard from others... it isn't for everyone. Goodness... I can't imagine using another curriculum. To shop around makes my head hurt... and I tried it once.

I stick with what I know, what I love, and that is ACE.

I really like to look at the situation... how many kids do they have? What is their life like? What kind of teacher is the Mother? etc.

A lot of HS moms I run into are hands-on. I am so not. I am Mrs. Hands Off. I like that I can set a book in front of my kids and they've learned to read so all they have to do is READ to learn how to do the lesson.

Yes, I am here if they need me. I am there to help them understand when they stumble. But, I do not take joy in lesson plans and being there and holding their hand every step of the way.

It is why I love ACE so much.

To be honest, I do not check their work everyday. I usually do not NEED to. There have been times when I've gotten to their books and we've had to go back to the beginning because they misunderstood one small thing... and/or because I am a stickler about handwriting. (It must be neat... no sloppies.)

It reiterates what they've learned and they get more handwriting practice... and even when we have to do that it is not a lot of work for them to do.

But, it reminds me to be more diligent when they start a new PACE to check their work better then because it can be and is frustrating if we have to go back and redo.

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