It was fun wish I could have made it work

by Karen M

Product: I Can Do All Things by How Great Thou Art
Subject: Art
Levels Used: Ages 6-10
Dates Used: Tried in 2002, 2005, and 2009

Comments: We attended a live workshop with Barry Stebbing and my kids fell in love with him and his teaching techniques. We purchased the material to use at home after the class. We attended a live class again a few years later and added the VHS tapes of the lessons to have Barry doing the teaching.

Likes: The lessons are short and fun. While you need to purchase good art supplies you can spread your purchase out as you get to different sections of the book. You can also buy everything upfront and mix and match different media lessons.

Dislikes: Because we did not have DVDs when our video player broke we were unable to continue to use the videos. They do have DVD's now. While the children loved listening to Barry teaching the lessons they were less excited by their art challenged mom.

Finally, I think our biggest failure with this product was that I couldn't seem to figure out how to fit it in with all the other things that seemed to crowd in. I wish I had made it more of a priority instead of making art one of the last things we thought about.

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