K12 - Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade

by Kimberly
(Atlanta, GA)

Product: K-12
Subjects: Math, Language Arts, Phonics, Science, History
Levels Used: Kindergarten thru 3rd grade
Dates Used: 2008-2011

Likes: Great information, very good presentation, easy to use, very little preparation on the parents part

Dislikes: Not very flexible, very expensive - with 2 kids there was no way we could add in a foreign language, art or music

This is great for a new homeschooling parent to get started and gain confidence. The information covered in the basic classes is above and beyond anything used in the public sector, sometimes too much information for kids to process - we generally split history and science into two days per lesson. The site does the lesson planning and keeps track of progress, so there's little planning for the parent, except for the experiments in science.

That being said, this program is one of the most expensive out there. We averaged $500 in books/year and around $140/month for the online school. You have to pay the online school fees each month, even if (in the summer) you take a month or two off.

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