K12 Language Arts

by Kathy
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Product: K12
Subject: Language Arts
Levels Used: K through 4th grades
Dates Used: 2003 through 2007

Likes: This covers not only literature, but also grammar, handwriting, and composition. Even K grammar covers the basics like a noun and verb along with sentence types.

The grammar has reviews through out the year in case your child needs the review. These are usually marked as optional. The literature is a combination of classics and new stories. Each comes with worksheets and some with coloring sheets to reinforce the story.

This also covers handwriting, which they use Handwriting without Tears. This is an excellent program as it's easy to go from printing to cursive. (Cursive is taught in 2nd grade.)

The composition has a few things for K and 1st grade, but mainly starts in 2nd grade. As usual for K12, they give tons of worksheets and things to do for each lesson. You, as the parent choose which papers you want to complete. If you complete every paper, your child will get frustrated. The extra papers are really for if your child needs extra due to not understanding the lesson.

Dislikes: Some of the literature stories take 3 or 4 days. They ask that you re-read the story each day to your children. I did combine these into one day as it was the popular stories (Cinderella, Pooh, etc.) that were to read again. My grandchildren knew the stories by heart and didn't want to listen to them 3 or 4 days in a row.

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