K12 Math

by Kathy
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Product: K12
Subject: Math
Levels Used: K through 5th grade
Dates Used: Sept. 2005 through 2007

Likes: This comes with 2 workbooks for the younger children. The colorful worksheets explain how the math is done. The black and white pages give more problems of the same lesson. There are a lot of problems, so the children may get bored if you have them work every problem. The object is to make sure they do enough problems to understand the objectives for that lesson. They also give number lines and graph pages for the students to use.

I do wish (especially for the lower grades) that the number four was written as the children are taught instead of the top touching (4). This would be less confusing for some.

The upper grades don't have the extra workbook, but there are still plenty of problems. I believe the 1st grade black and white workbook had about 700 pages.

Dislikes: A few of the lessons are confusing. I had to explain the problems in a different way. There are some extra lessons in the workbook that are not covered. Sometimes it would get confusing trying to match up the pages in both workbooks together.

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