K12 Music

by Kathy
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Product: K12
Subject: Music
Levels Used: K through 4th
Dates Used: 2003 through 2007

Likes: This does cover all aspects of music. The children learn about the notes, rhythm, beat, etc. They also learn about different musical instruments and different types of music (classical, modern, new, etc.)

This comes with a dvd to show how to teach different things, a couple of cd's with music on them, a music book, and worksheets. They also learn to use a tambourine and slide whistle in the younger grades. In 4th grade they get to learn to play a recorder. I really liked that they are exposed to all varieties of music.

Dislikes: They don't teach do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti do. I'm from the old school (as I'm teaching my grandchildren), and their way of teaching was very frustrating to me. It left me confused.

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