Kumon Workbooks Review

by Carletta
(McKinney, Texas)

Product: Kumon
Subject: Cutting, Tracing, Mazes, Easy Crafts
Levels Used: N/A
Dates Used: 2005-2007

Likes: My preschoolers have loved Kumon workbooks. They are fun and colorful, and made the kids look forward to "doing school" every day. The books also contained enough variety in their illustrations to keep the kids from getting bored.

The cutting books are great for practicing fine motor skills. The tracing and mazing books are great pre-handwriting workbooks. I used both to help my son develop pencil control as he was not a big fan of handwriting practice pages.

Dislikes: I bought My Book of Easy Crafts thinking my children would be able to complete them on their own. However even my 7 year old needs assistance with them.

In addition, some of the activities require precise cutting, and my 4 year old becomes frustrated when she's unable to cut something perfectly.

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