Kumon Workbooks

by Robin

Product: Kumon My Book of Easy Mazes (Ages 2, 3, 4), My First Book of Tracing (Ages 2,3,4), My Book of Pasting (Ages 4,5,6), My Book of Pasting Jigsaw Puzzles

Dates Used: 2009

Likes: I used the above Kumon workbooks with my sons the last two years while they were between the ages 4-5. They really enjoyed all four books! When solving the mazes and tracing, the flow mimicked many of the strokes required in writing letters but in larger form. This was a great way to introduce the strokes in a fun and interesting manner. The Tracing book was very similar to the Mazes book. My children loved the pasting books!!! I found that they wanted to do one page after another and did not want to stop. The colorful pages and abundance of animal projects were very boy friendly. My boys are not super keen on cutting and pasting but with these books I heard nary a complaint. I would definitely recommend them both for the cutting and pasting averse child!!!

Dislikes: It doesn't seem like we got to use these books for long because my boys consumed them in just a few days since they liked them so much.

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