La Clase Divertida The FUN class

Product:La Clase Divertida
Subject: Spanish
Levels Used: Level 1
Dates Used: 2007-08

We liked the fun way Spanish is taught with La Clase.

There is a video with a teacher and informal classroom, a CD for audio practice, workbook pages, crafts and activities.

We taught this at home and then got together once a month with friends to practice Spanish in a co-op.

Level 1 teaches basic words and simple phrases, such as colors, alphabet, family, parts of the body, etc.

It focuses on Mexican history while level 2 focuses on the history of Spain. We will start level 2 soon.

We had to make lists of the vocabulary for further practice since it wasn't clearly labeled in the student workbooks.

Some Spanish speaking friends didn't like that he wasn't a native speaker and thought his accent was off. (They were from different Spanish speaking countries and didn't always agree on how these should be pronounced.) I didn't mind because I thought he spoke clearly and emphasized practice.

Some friends didn't like the crafts but I feel they added to the feel of the country we were learning. My children enjoyed them!

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