La Clase Divertida

by Leslie

Product: La Clase Divertida
Subject: Spanish
Levels Used: level 1
Dates Used: Fall/winter 2007-08

Likes: I liked that there were games and activities to make my kids feel like a member of the video class. The teacher was lively and my kids liked the class. They learned many basic Spanish phrases and vocabulary. My children were 4, 8 and 11 at the time. It was too easy for my oldest. She liked it okay, but it was more "for fun" for her than actual learning. The others liked it, too.

Dislikes: I did not like that in every lesson the teacher would constantly tell me that I had to participate along with my kids. I understand the idea (the whole family is learning), but I did not intend to use it this way. I wanted my kids to do it without me-- they are old enough and I minored in Spanish in college. I wanted to get other things done. My kids (knowing that I wanted to do something else) would chide, "come on Mom... he said you HAVE to join..."

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