Landmark Freedom Baptist Press

by Stacey
(Red Oak, TX, USA)

Product: Landmark Freedom Baptist Press
Subject: Complete curriculum
Levels Used: Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2
Dates Used: 2007-2008

Likes: We have looked at several different curriculums, and really liked the layout of these worktexts/workbooks. My husband and I love that they are Christian based and keep Christian values and scriptures throughout the course.

We think the educational value is good and thorough. We had our daughter tested at the local school district after our first year, and she was right on target on each subject.

We also like that the workbooks are bound and labeled for all 36 weeks of school and your lesson is right there when you open the book (i.e. Week 5, Day 3) and that helps you stay on schedule and be able to spend time with your child instead of searching for what you're going to teach on a particular day and making up lesson plans, etc. You still have to keep good records, but it is made so much easier for the parents who might not have a lot of experience homeschooling.

The kindergarten program is a little more difficult in the planning part. It's already planned for you, but there is more to put together than just using workbooks. The price is very affordable for the curriculum, and this school gives the option of accredited record-keeping for those who want transcripts and diplomas.

Dislikes: The main thing I dislike is that there isn't much color to the books. I think that is a minor complaint compared to the value of the product.

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