Learning at Home: Loved It!!!

by Amber
(Como, NC, USA)

Product: Learning at Home: Preschool & Kindergarten : A Christian Parent's Guide With Day-By-Day Lesson Plans Using the Library As a Resource. Author: Ann Ward

Subject: Complete Curriculum for the Year
Levels Used: Pre-K thru K
Dates Used: 2009-2010 School Year (as well as the year before with other children)

Likes: I used this with my four, five, and six year olds and LOVED it!!! It takes you day by day through what you need to do each day and it works for several ages at once! It maps out what you need for the next week as far as books from the library (or that you might have on hand) and has VERY easy to follow instructions on how and what to teach your children. It is a Christian Curriculum that uses God’s word throughout and character studies throughout as well.

This is THE best book I have EVER come across for these ages. I used the internet to provide extra worksheets and deeper looks at certain topic areas of interest, but all that you need is within this book (for the most part). Ann is wonderful at how she explains things to the children for them to easily understand different concepts. It has a different section for certain areas to discuss further with the older children, but again this book can be done over breakfast and lunch for the most part in working through each day’s work, doing the songs, looking at different ideas you are presenting….absolutely wonderful!

It only cost me 20 dollars used and was worth EVERY single penny….it’s worth more really! I have tried several different curricula and having five children 8 and under, this has worked the best for our family! I truly couldn’t rave enough about this book, and WISH I could find her email address so that I could tell her what this book has meant to me and our family!

Dislikes: I love going to the Library, but some books listed within Ann's book were sometimes hard to locate within the library system. However, they were not necessary to teach the lesson at hand, but rather they just reinforced the things we had already gone over through out the week.

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