Little Hands to Heaven

Product: Little Hands to Heaven
Subject: Preschool Curriculum
Levels Used: Preschool Age 2
Dates Used: March 2009-July 2009

At first I really liked it and enjoyed the time we spent every day on it, then after a few units in I realized it does the same activities every week for every letter and the main goal is to teach a new letter and sound a week.

I wouldn't recommend this for a child that was 4 or if your younger child already knows the alphabet. It is very repetitive. You have to copy all the papers needed and they are the same paper each week just different letter, number...

After 9 units, I can't take another week of it and my child already knows his letters, numbers, colors, and shapes so we have stopped and have went to just doing some colorful coloring style sheets for the numbers and letters and doing a lot of hands on motor skills.

It will get boring if they already know these things.

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