Love BJU!

by Jennifer

Product: Bob Jones University Press

Subject: Reading, Phonics/English, Bible Truths, Science, Heritage Studies, Math, Handwriting

Levels Used: 1st/2nd

Dates Used: 2008

Likes: Very thorough, hands-on, challenging and flexible

Dislikes: none so far!

We recently switched to BJU and really really like it. The teachers' guides give you a great lesson plan with lots of options for how in depth you want to cover each lesson. There are many hands-on activities that you can do but they aren't mandatory if you have a busier day planned. The subjects are covered very well and reviewed regularly.

We switched to BJU because I wanted a curriculum that was interesting and informative, not just something that my kids would go through the motions to complete. I think we've found it.

I also like that I'm able to use different levels so that my kids can advance a grade in a particular subject.

Lastly, BJU is a rock solid Bible-based curriculum. The Bible Truths subject curriculum is excellent and not just busy work. I wish I had received this type of Biblical training at a young age! Also all the subjects are always weaved throughout with scripture and spiritual disciplines. It's excellent.

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