Love these!

by Lisa B
(Embden, ME USA)

Product: Rod & Staff Preschool workbooks
Subject: Preschool skills
Levels Used: A-F series
Dates Used: 2006-2007

Likes: We really enjoyed these preschool workbooks. However, I did not use them for preschool & now that I have a 4-1/2 year old in preschool, I'm glad I waited before.

As with most Rod & Staff products, the skills in these workbooks are advanced. This was the basis of my first graders homeschooling last year (along with added math). He loved all the cutting, coloring & pasting. I may try these next year with my current youngest for kindergarten. Overall it's a great series. The price is extremely good as well.

If your child does not like to color, cut & paste, then they will not like this series. However, these are great fine motor skills & this series teaches it well.

Dislikes: I feel there is very little to dislike about this series. If I have to pick something, perhaps that it ended too soon. These skills are advanced as I mentioned so you need to be sure to use them with age appropriate children who have the skills needed to complete the activities or you may end up with a frustrated child.

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