Managers of Their Homes

by Sharon
(Leavenworth, Kansas)

Managers of Their Homes, by Steve & Teri Maxwell

Teri Maxwell and her husband were busy home schooling eight children. Teri developed a scheduling plan that helped her whole family run more smoothly. They were able to have time for school, service to the Lord, self-enrichment and all the other things that the Lord desired for their days.

Teri had been a part of a loop for large families and it was there that she first enlisted moms to help her turn this plan into a book to help other home schooling moms. This book began as a project inspired by those very different moms who volunteered to try Teri's schedule and then to fine-tune it to make it work for them.

Along with copies of the schedules those moms first used, Teri and Steve give so many terrific hints on schooling with young children. They clearly explain why you should have a schedule and then tell you how to plan and form a God-honoring schedule for your days; every family member has his or her own special column on the schedule.

This is not just a how-to book, though. It is a kit. They include a schedule design checklist, color-coded pages for every member of your family, the master list form for holding the color-coded slips, sticky tack and much more. Everything you need is there.

Are you questioning your need for a schedule? Do you think you are too free-spirited an individual to ever use a rigid schedule? Terri included very different moms in her schedule trials. You will find that even the free-spirited mom was able to use this schedule; she just had larger blocks of free time.

I can personally say that this has helped our family have so much more time for service and extra things. It keeps me focused and it helps the kids feel at ease. They don't stand around wondering what is happening next. I had no idea how much time we wasted that way before I started using the Maxwell's schedule.

Here is what Steve Maxwell says in his chapter to home schooling fathers, "A schedule is a framework that provides stability for the family's daytime (and nighttime if desired) activities. Even when a "storm" of interruption rains on the wife's schedule, she is much better prepared to deal with it than if she did not have a schedule."

This kit can be used by anyone and I highly recommend it, especially if you have several children!

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