MATH MAMMOTH - Light Blue Series

by Megan
(Tallapoosa, GA)

We have nearly completed our first year (Grade 1) of Maria Miller's "Math Mammoth" program. I have been very impressed with how simple learning math has been for my son through her program. Miller uses a mastery approach and solidly builds basic math skills before moving on to the next concept. The lessons are thorough and challenging (not mind-numbing) and build upon one another.

Miller provides helpful hints and useful web-sites for extra practice or assistance in the actual text, but is also available via email (yes, she responds quickly) and has ample web videos available where she teaches concepts herself. By the time my son was finished with addition (through 10) the subtraction problems came easily because he'd already been using the necessary critical thinking skills to complete the addition problems. I expect that the other concepts/lessons will be taught similarly and flow in the same way. I will use Grade 1 with my daughter this fall. She learns differently than my son and I believe "Math Mammoth" will also be effective for her.

The program is available as either a download or a CD. I find this very helpful when storage space is at a premium. However, "Math "Mammoth" is not worked on the computer and all the pages must be printed. The artwork is very simplistic which I find helpful to both my student, who is easily distracted, and my printer, as ink use is kept to a minimum. There is the occasional glitch with the pictures, but I believe she has fixed these in the newer editions.

For the price, I think "Math Mammoth" cannot be beat. Through the yearly sale at Homeschool Buyers Co-Op I just purchased the entire Light Blue Series Package for $70. This is a complete math curriculum for grades one through six for $70! Her single years sell for about $30/ea. Let me stress that even if "Math Mammoth" were not budget friendly I would still use Miller's program.

Please note: I have not used the "Soft-Pak" math software she includes with each purchase.

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