Math Shark - You won't even mind replacing the batteries!

by Sharon
(Leavenworth, Kansas)

Game: Math Shark

Age Levels: 1st grade through 5th grade

Dislikes: I thought this was another electronic game. I am not fond of most pocket-sized games. This one also seemed a bit pricey to me (before I knew how good it is).


OH, I am so glad that my mother gave this to the kids as a Christmas present a decade ago. First of all, it still works! I guess that proves it was well made. Second, my kids simply love this little machine. I cringe to call it a toy. It is a calculator, an electronic timed test giver and math practice for varied operations and levels.

It has been passed down from my oldest to nearly the youngest. I will cry if it ever breaks. I am sure we won't have the money to replace it (it must cost around $40 now), but the kids will be begging me to get a new one.

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