McRuffy Phonics and Reading

by Valarie
(Tynan, TX)

Product: McRuffy Press Phonics and Reading
Subject: Phonics, Reading, Spelling
Levels Used: K, 2nd
Dates Used: May 2008 - Present

We are new to homeschooling and I looked at a lot of different publishers, but settled on McRuffy for multiple subjects. This is a very simple yet effective curriculum. The lesson plans are easy to follow and have light scripting which I found easy to use. All materials needed are provided and listed in the beginning of the lesson plan. This is simply an open and start teaching curriculum.

This is a complete language arts program providing reading, phonics, writing, spelling, and handwriting. The pace is a little slow, but thorough, and in no way overwhelming. The readers are very cute and have engaging characters and drawings. Each lesson has a one page worksheet. There isn't a lot of fluff and busywork; which I like.

I have called the company a couple of times and they are very friendly and helpful.

My son does tend to lose interest if I don't provide a break in the middle of the lesson (but I'm not sure I am using the correct level for him.) I think more spelling practice could be introduced throughout the week, but I usually make up a spelling game and that seems to do the trick.

Overall - I am very happy with McRuffy and will probably continue to use them for all of my children.

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