MFW History Cycle

by Mrs. Cuddles

Product: We've been users of MFW through several years using their history cycle. We started with Adventures, moved along into ECC, completed CtG, and are now using RtR!

Subject: ALL subjects are covered!

Levels Used: Adventures, ECC, CtG, and RtR

Dates Used: 2005 - present

Likes: Wow! There are so many to list! First of all, I LOVE the Teacher's Guide. It is so well laid out, that even if I (the teacher) am ill, my oldest child is still very capable to guide younger siblings.

The grids and weekly input have everything already planned. There is really no planning ahead to make this program work. It is geared for multi-ages and is easily adaptable into upper grades with the addition of more formal work (typed reports, etc.)

Chronological learning is a positive approach to learning so history has now been unfolding before us in a neat fashion. Bible is an integral focus throughout many of the subjects and thus matches up with the historical content and instilling family value and discussions.

All subjects seem to balance out the work load and still allow for those small rabbit trails that many homeschoolers like to detour on a bit. The yearly plan allows for the flexibility of fitting in field trips and even encourages children to write letters -- an old fashioned art leaving our modern society that our children still need to master.

Dislikes: There is really nothing we dislike. We have altered some of their recommendations as needed. For instance we didn't care for Rosetta Stone overall for a "family" to use, so we found a Foreign Language program that better fit us learning together rather than trying to find time for each child on the computer. Again, not a dislike so much as another positive because it's so easy to make a change and still have the incredible advantage of a well-laid out program.

Minor Recommendations: I would have love to have seen MFW expand on their 5 year program to just add a "high school" packet/books rather than push so hard for another independent program. I feel that many children are being pushed for such independence already that homeschooling should be that special area where a family can learn together throughout ALL their educational years instead of moving your high school to work alone and not along side of younger siblings.

History is history and so the information for each year of study remains the same. We have taken the basic 5 year study and still included our high school scholar in the same scholastic family time and "beefed it up" or "added to it" specific literature and/or reports to make it a deeper study that a high student would receive.

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