Mother Goose Time - Packaged Monthly Curriculum

by Robin

Product: Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum
Level: Preschool
Dates Used: 2007/2008

Likes: I used "Mother Goose Time" with my two boys during the 2007/2008 school year. My boys were ages 3/4. As a former first grade and Reading Recovery teacher there were many aspects of this curriculum that I greatly appreciated.

This curriculum is most certainly created by people who have an educational background and as such incorporates the latest techniques for teaching reading and mathematics. For example, I loved that they incorporated "Concepts about Print" into their instruction for the parent or instructor who might not know these instructional practices.

The fact that program is theme based is another bonus that my boys really enjoyed. I found the themes to be very boy friendly. The curriculum is shipped out on a monthly basis and comes with a detailed teacher's guide as well as the majority of products you will need to follow the guide.

One literature book is also included each month that goes with the theme. The program provides a wealth of hands-on crafts, games, and activities. The materials not included are the common items you would have on hand such as crayons, glue, .... The guide also gives a shopping guide for items you might need that are not included.

Each theme focuses on specific colors, numbers, shapes, and letters and includes corresponding flash cards. In addition, it incorporates sign language and Spanish each month and includes flash cards for those as well. Samples of the lesson plans can be viewed on-line to give you an idea of what the program "looks" like. This is a great curriculum for homeschoolers who are unsure of themselves or don't have the time to create their own hands-on curriculum.

Dislikes: This program is somewhat expensive. For one child it currently costs $49.00, and for two it goes up to 52.99. There is a discount if more than one month is purchased at a time. For two children, it is $43.99 if six months of curriculum is purchased.

An additional complaint would be that I think there should be an increased emphasis on reading literature to children on a daily basis. There is a list of supplemental literature, however, included in the guide which I utilized quite nicely.

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