My Father's World

by Terri
(Seward, NE)

We have used My Father's World five year cycle. My only regret is that we didn't start it sooner. We have used Exploring Countries and Cultures (wonderful year full of world geography using fun and easy to learn activities and resources.), Creation to the Greeks (another year focused on this particular time in history full of wonderful actitivities), and in this year we are doing Rome to Reformation (focusing on this time in history using wonderful resources).

I started MFW after using other curriculum for history, science and social studies. MFW works a Biblical world view throughout each subject in a way that I have not seen other products do. As a mom, my burden is much lighter since finding MFW and my children remember so much of what we learn. It is quite amazing to me!

MFW encourages families to get involved in their communities and change the world for God's glory.

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My Father's World 5 year Study

by Christina
(Petersburg, MI, USA)

Product: My Father's World 5 year study
Subject: Bible, Science, History, Art and Music
Dates Used: 2009-current

I guess I could have taken this one into a few different posts but it all goes together so I am going to try to keep the information together as well. This program is a literature based program. There are several different books that you will use.

Year 1... We loved it. Countries and Cultures.
The first year is based on Geography. You study different countries throughout the world. You study their culture, animal habitats, terrain, major rivers, oceans, seas, mountains and religion. You learn about different religious and how they differ from Christianity. You pray for each country and their people. There is a geography game to help the child learn where different countries are located. You learn how to do origami, taste different foods from each country (comes with recipes) and learn about different musical composers.

Year 2. Creation to the Greeks.
You study Biblical history. We love this because it teaches you the way history happened not the order in which it written in Bible. Chronological! This really helps my son to understand how each event has effected the events that came after it. It really helped him understand the Bible better. We learned about pyramids, did hands on experiments to help us understand the 7 days of creation using Genesis for Kids! Awesome book for science. It can only be purchased through MFW in the 2nd year bundle. We have put together a time line to help us understand the order events happened. There are some really good read aloud books, I read to my children every evening. These books are great for all of my children and have good Christian character. We have continued to learn about some of the great composers in our history. We also have made a history notebook that we will add to each year. We are also having a great time with God and the History of Art.

Year 3. Rome to the Reformation.
This one we will be using next year. I have already purchased the books and been reviewing them. I really feel we are going to have a blast with this one too. As we continue to learn history chronologically we will be study the human body (the different systems). We will be building a model of our body (bones, muscles, heart, lungs and so on). We will be studying the solar system and building a model of this as well. We will be studying about knights and castles. We will build a model of a medieval castle and learn to play chess. We will continue to learn about our great composers and will also continue to use God and the History of Art.

If year 4 and 5 are anything like the first 3 years it will be full of excitement and fun as well as lots and lots of learning. My children love learning with this program. It is designed so that I can use it on my 2nd daughter and my 6 grade son at the same time. The activities I pick depend on the which child I am working with at that moment. The information is designed for both so I only teach it once and then we work on the projects together. It saves me time and we learn as a family. It really helps bring us all together. My oldest never liked reading but he loves this program. He even gets some of the books and reads them on his own because he finds it so interesting. I recommend this program to anyone especially families who have multiple children. 1 program for all the kids. Saves money, time and teaches the whole family so much.

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