My Father's World, K and 1st grade

by Gen

Product: My Father's World
Subject: Bible, History, Math, Reading, Science
Levels used: K and 1st grade
Dates Used: school years 07-08 and 08-09

Likes: We loved everything about MFW kindergarten. The Bible focus each week tied perfectly into the science/nature theme of the week/the alphabet, etc. It is a very sweet program and my son and I loved it. We did add Saxon Math 1st grade mid way through the year because my son was very interested in math (this was just our preference- not necessary). Also, my son was an early reader, so we skipped over some of the phonics (we had already worked through The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, so he already had his phonics down).

We are doing 1st grade currently and it is going well. My son really looks forward to hearing the Bible stories (even though he's heard them before!) and is enjoying illustrating them even though he usually could care less about coloring, etc. The Bible versus each week are very age appropriate and tie directly into many values we are trying to instill. There are less hands on crafts than in K, but my son doesn't seem to mind. Even though the phonics/reading/spelling workbook is easy for my son, we still do it because it strengthens what he has already learned. We have continued with Saxon for math.

Dislikes: There is really nothing I disliked about the K program. I wish the 1st grade program had more hands on crafts as options for kids who thrive on those. Also, my son has a great interest in science and while I know science is not important at this age, I wish it was a little beefier for those kids who might like more of it.

We are looking forward to doing Adventures next year. I plan to add a science curriculum. Even though I supplement MFW with other curricula, I will continue to pay for the whole package because I value the Bible and History it provides. It's hard to imagine ever switching!

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