My Father's World

by Sharla Malone
(McKinney, TX)

Product: My Father's World Curriculum
Subject: Phonics
Levels Used: k-1
Dates Used: 2001-2003 and 2008-2010

Likes: I absolutely LOVE MFW curriculum! My oldest, who is now 10, learned to read by the age of 4 with this curriculum. The phonics lessons in this curriculum are just amazing! She has continued to be a very strong reader and reads a lot independently, and I give credit to MFW for that!

Teaching with MFW is amazing as well. It is so simple that even the most novice home school parent can teach it. Lessons and plans are laid out nicely and are very easy to follow.

Dislikes: I used MFW K-1 and then changed to ABeka because at the time MFW did not have a math curriculum. I thought I needed a "full and complete" curriculum packet that included everything. If I had it to do over again, I would have stayed with MFW and put a math program with it. I believe that MFW now has math options for you to chose from. Being a first time home school parent and a very novice one at that, I thought I needed a "complete text book" curriculum.

One thing that I did not like was when I bought the full packet, it came with a book, that after I got it, I did not want it in my library. When I tried to return it, I was not allowed to do that because I bought it in the "packet". I was not aware of that and told them that they should let people know that when ordering. That is really the only dislike I have. They may have changed that since I ordered ... that was 6 years ago!

I HIGHLY recommend MFW. I can only speak of K-1 because that is all I have used, but I would recommend all parents to use this curriculum to start their children off on the right foot and for the parent to feel confident in teaching for the first time!

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