My Father's World

Product:My Father's World
Subject: Bible/History/Science/ Art/Music
Levels Used:MFW K, 1st, Adv, ECC
Dates Used: 2003-present

My Father's World is the curriculum I would have written if I was that organized and knowledgable. I love My Father's World!!!

I agree with its Bible based, Charlotte Mason, classical approach to learning. I love that K has unit studies to introduce the children to different aspects of God's world. I love that 1st grade emphasizes reading, 2nd teaches about American History and third about countries, giving the child a few years to mature before introducing World History.

I love that it is Biblical and God centered and encompasses that into all the subjects and doesn't teach Bible as a separate subject.

I love the history rotation starting in 4th grade and that it repeats later for more in depth studies when the children are older.

I love the way My Father's World is planned out for you (and that you can alter that to your child's needs if needed).

I love the great literature recommendations in their Book Basket.

I like their different options to buy the curriculum; that you can get a deluxe package that includes more if you want to study a bit more.

While the packages are well priced I think just purchasing the manuals is expensive. I understand why though; because the manuals include great lesson plans for almost all subjects.
Resale value is very good too.

Overall can you tell I real like My Father's World?

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