My Multiplication Made Easy

I found this product by mistake when I was surfing the net. It was on a website which has been created by 2 ex primary school teachers called

It is a simple system which your child has to use every day and it takes about 5 minutes. Basically it starts with the 10 times table and only the first 3 sums ie: 1x10, 2x10 and 3x10. When your child knows those really well you go on to the next sheet which has 3 more new facts (4x10, 5x10 and 6x10) plus the previous 3 learned facts. Your child stays on that sheet until he knows all those sums.

It is a slow but surefire way of children learning their times table facts. My kids loved doing them because they were successful, so therefore felt good about themselves. My 7 year old can do one of the sheets that has a mixture of 2x, 3x 5x and 10 x tables facts - 75 questions in under 3 minutes. It's a brilliantly simple resource which I wholeheartedly recommend.

My daughter has used the maths sheets daily for the last 3 months and has really enjoyed trying to beat her previous days score.

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