My new best friend!

by Cindy
(Cortland, IL)

Product: Teaching Textbooks
Subject: Math
Levels Used: 5,6,Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1
Dates Used: 2007 - current

Likes: Prior to Teaching Textbooks we had tears, frustration, and the agony of defeat! Now we have peace and calm in our home as three of our 4 children settle in for their lesson on the computer and then work in their workbooks.

The lessons are laid out in a logical progression, self-checking so the students can go back and see their mistakes, the voice on the CD-Rom is pleasant to listen to, and the students enjoy having an animated figure "keep tabs" on what they're doing.

This has helped tremendously with our daughter who is Algebra-phobic and it has gotten us over some major math hurdles. I plan to use Teaching Textbooks for the remainder of our school years.

Dislikes: No programs for lower-elementary aged students. No built-in score-tracker for Pre-algebra and up (we have to keep our own grades at the upper levels).

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