Not Pleased with Connections Academy

by Amanda

We have home schooled since my girls were in preschool (they are now in high school). Connections Academy was far and away our least favorite year!

The curriculum is heavily laden with busy work and burdensome assignments. There's a sense that they believe that piling on work = educating. It doesn't.

The teachers that we interacted with for the most part were condescending to me as the parent-teacher, coming from the public school mindset of, "we are the educators, so we know best."

We also had repeated issues with the online tests. We submitted at least a dozen appeals over the course of the year because of questions that were either misleading, were not covered in the reading, or were flat out wrong (we easily won every appeal, in case you're thinking we're reactionary and annoying!).

If you want an online school that treats education like the "lighting of a flame" rather than the "filling of a bucket," do not use Connections Academy. Use K12.

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