Oak Meadow

by Debby

We started using Oak Meadow in our first year of homeschooling. My son was in 4th grade, my daughter in 7th. We loved it and have continued to use it for three years, but will switch next year.

Levels: 4,5,6,7,8,9

Dates 2007 - 2010

Pros: Oak Meadow allows the student to pick from a selection of assignments, thus allowing them more ownership in their own education. Because they choose how they want to explore a topic, there is more interest in the work. Our favorite year was 7th grade, as the curriculum offered a lot of opportunities to watch videos, listen to music, view art, etc., which all tied into the topic being studied. Very hands on with a lot of variety that made learning fun, from making a braided rug like pioneers, to cooking an ethnic food. A great curriculum for hands on learners!

Cons: Beginning with the 9th grade curriculum, the company begins using regular high school textbooks for science & history. It was a definite change that we didn't like, as the lessons were much longer & boring, as were the selection of assignments. It seemed to have lost the aspects of the program that my daughter loved, so we will be moving on to something else, at least for her.

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